Who We Are...

An exciting and ambitious artist collective, Eye of Newt creates bold theatrical happenings suitable for touring festivals, street theatre or corporate events. Our work captures the very best of our individual skill areas and blends it into work that is varied, surprising , challenging and amusing.


Sandra McCracken and Rowan Taylor met whilst working with Handmade Parade. Mel and Sandra worked together on an arts education programme. Sandra, being a genius, brought Mel and Rowan together to form Eye of Newt and their first creation “Zazelle and the Great Farini” was performed at Todmorden Lamplighter 2018.

Sandra McCracken is an established artist, educator and maker and is currently working with Handmade Parade and Plunge Boom. She has also been involved with Walk the Plank for Manchester Day Parade. Sandra has participated in Festival of Thrift, Hull Freedom Festival, Greenwich and Docklands International Festival and Just So Festival, amongst others. sandramccrackenstudio.com

Rowan Taylor is an artist and maker with a particular interest and experience in carnival and is currently associate artist with Global Grooves, Handmade Parade and Cabasa Carnival Arts. She has designed work for Chester Zoo The Lanterns. Rowan has also designed and produced work for parades and walkabouts at Bluedot, Kendal Calling, Cotton Clouds and Carfest. rowantaylorvisualarts.com

Mel Daniels has a background in drama and education and has created bespoke schools workshops with her own children’s drama company. Mel is currently working with Plunge Boom.

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